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The Inspired Adventurepreneur Podcast

Dec 21, 2017

In this episode, I read a short essay that I wrote nearly 2 years before my near fatal car accident which sparked my launch into full-time adventurepreneurship. 

Reflecting on where I was then and now watching the journey of consciously creating an adventure-inspired life is sweet and beautiful. 


Dec 15, 2017

This episode is a short, guided wilderness-inspired meditation to help you re-center yourself and approach your life with more confidence. 

Find a quiet spot to sit, and let the power of the wilderness help you succeed in all areas of your life!

Dec 7, 2017

In this unscripted off-the-cuff episode, I tell a humiliating story (involving a piece of the Berlin Wall - I can't even make this stuff up!) from my childhood in order to prove a point: your story doesn't define you, and you can accomplish ANYTHING and everything that you can dream. 

Nov 30, 2017

Bruce McGlenn turned his love of sustainable and ethical hunting into his career.

In this episode, Bruce and I talk about his school, Human Nature Hunting... and what it means to awaken your senses and heal the relationship between humans and nature.  

Nov 23, 2017

The process of courageously designing your adventure-inspired life begins with YOU.

It begins with connecting with who you really are.

A miracle.

At the end of this episode, you will remember that you are.