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The Inspired Adventurepreneur Podcast

Sep 28, 2017

In this special episode, I'm interviewing my mom, Kathleen Ruland. At the age of 61, she is an accomplished endurance athlete and an avid backpacker.

We talk about getting started in outdoor pursuits, getting past excuses and staying consistent in order to reach your goals. Plus, we dive into why our wilderness...

Sep 18, 2017

In the midst of feeling stuck in my own life, I had a glimpse.

A glimpse into what might have been.

A glimpse into who I was, and what I was meant to do in this world.

This is the story of the moment that changed my life forever.  

Sep 14, 2017

This is a short follow-up episode talking about the incredible power of the ripple effect of even a simple act. 

As most of you know, I played my violin on the side of a mountain a few weeks ago. While I knew that the combination of mountains and music was extremely powerful, I had NO IDEA how much of a ripple effect...

Sep 11, 2017

In this episode, Anastasia interviews Dru Brozovich, a PNW-based trainer, mountain climber, boxer and all around inspirational guy about his own experiences in the wilderness. Dru gets personal and raw about this challenges he has faced in his own life - including overcoming an extremely unhealthy lifestyle - and how...

Sep 7, 2017

Two years ago, I failed to reach a remote set of alpine lakes. When I got home, I wrote about the experience, and completely changed my own view on failure.

Embrace the moments in life which ultimately nudge us in the direction that we were meant to go.